Chatbot development

Whether you’d like to create a simple Facebook chatbot for your small e-commerce company, or you’re planning to turn the whole industry around by creating a mind-blowing AI chatbot, you can be sure that we do the work.


We create bots for different needs and platforms. Just describe your idea to us, if you don’t find your case on this page.

Conversational AI bots

If you run your business online, we bet you’ve faced situations where your consultants can’t keep up with answering all requests in online chat software, or paying proper attention to dialogs. A bot can solve all the human-related issues:

  • It will answer all requests, and do it before the user is tired of waiting,
  • It is always friendly, and doesn’t take offense to criticism,
  • It won’t forget to ask the most important question (“Would you like to place an order?)

E-commerce chatbots

Create a shopping bot for your customers. It will provide them with additional info about products, and help them to make a choice. And if you allow it, it will assist with payment and arrange delivery. Unleash your bot - and it will start selling on Facebook.

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Chatbot for entertainment projects

Talking bots can, well, just talk to you, or they can recommend a film, or a new music hit. Conversational bots give clues when you’re completing an online quest, and tell fairy tales for the smallest users. Entertainment bots are usually the most talkative and easy-going bots.

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Chatbot as the first line of support

We teach a bot to understand users’ true problems by answering the right questions. The fastest way for it, is to use the archive of support agent's dialogs with users. After that, it’s easy to choose the right answer from a database, or redirect a user to a specialist for solving more complex cases.

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Utility chatbots

A chatbot integrated with your corporate software can boost your employees’ performance. We recommend starting from bottlenecks of your business process, where people have to spend a lot of time, or perform many routine actions, while pursuing tasks with low knowledge-intensity.


A bot-assistant gives your staff member guidance, provides them with information by request, and helps to solve difficult situations. For example, it will assist a courier in answering clients questions, making another sale to the same client, or handling possible conflict.

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A bot-supervisor monitors your employees’ actions and calculates their KPIs. It will let an employee know about actions that were forgotten, or KPI that weren’t reached. Say, your sales manager forgot to call a lead. You don’t have to worry about checking it, the bot will.

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There is only one requirement for integration of a chatbot with third-party software - the software should have an API, with methods to retrieve/write information from/to it.

Chatbots for messengers

We develop chatbots for all popular messengers, including Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Skype, and Telegram.

Chatbots for mobile apps

We build chatbots for startups as a part of the project, but if you already have a mobile app - then we can build a chatbot for it as well. We’ll just give you requirements for API methods, or develop those methods by ourselves.

Chatbots for corporate software

We integrate chatbots with all types of internal corporate software - CRM-systems, ERP-systems, corporate messengers, intranet portals, ticketing, scheduling, and reporting software.

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