WIPOP Converter for MacOS

A good example how technologies could facilitate business processes of medical organizations and save a lot of working hours of clinic's staff
Vascare Mayfair LLC
Desktop app development

A good thing about our work is that it allows us to learn about very different industries, broadening our horizons every day. This time, thanks to our client request, we learned about the data submissions standards for Wisconsin medical organizations.

Dr. Gregg Gaylord from Vascare Mayfair LLC, an ambulatory surgery center in Wisconsin, had set a clear task to develop an application that would help their team to submit obligatory data to a web-based data submission tool WIpop (Wisconsin Inpatient and Outpatient data). The app needed to convert files exported from an internal EHR system to another format that is standardized by WHAIC (Wisconsin Hospital Association Information Center).

After the first discussion with Dr. Gaylord, it became clear that making a web-based app didn’t make sense. The app was intended for use only inside of the center. Furthermore, it needed to work with important protected health data. That’s why we decided to develop a desktop app for MacOS.

It was a new task for our iOS developers but Devvela’s team never shies away from challenges. We developed the converter and achieved its smooth performance with the help of Dr. Gaylord’s team.

Later, when WHAIC updated its data submission standards, we developed a second version of the converter, which was also implemented into the clinic’s business-processes.

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