North Suburban Limousine

If you're providing rented goods services, you must've thought of a website with smart booking system meeting particular needs of your clients. Here's how we made it for North Suburban Limo.
North Suburban Limousine
PHP, MySQL, Stripe, Yii Framework
eCommerce, Web development

Family owned and operated sinсe 2006, North Suburban Limo provides luxury limousine service. One of its co-owners, Val Leskov came to us in 2012 and asked for a website with custom reservation options. As a result, we developed online booking system based web software that handles booking, payment, and reporting.

Such reservation system helps clients to make use of services anytime and from anywhere. Operator receives order notifications in real-time and processes them at once, which allows for quality and timely service. Receipt is sent to customer’s email address.

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