Canary Notes

iOS app that greatly improves work of senior living facilities and caregivers, providing peace of mind to elders' families.
Swift 3, Alamofire

Canary Notes mobile app that allows senior living facilities and caregivers easily keep track of the services they deliver and make their reports accessible to elders’ loved ones by means of digital via secure, HIPAA compliant communication tools.

The app founders had a clear vision of what they wanted built as they came to us. They themselves grappled with the care of their grandparents which left them frustrated and wishing they had more details on the daily care their grandparents were receiving, more timely. And they decided to change that with Canary Notes app.

But caregivers also benefit from using the app as it helps them reduce unnecessary communications with elders’ families. In general, Canary Notes increase family and resident satisfaction with their experience thus motivating them to recommend the residential care facility that uses the app to others.

Built by Devvela from scratch, Canary Notes demonstrates how awesomely simple mobile solutions can improve work of senior living facilities and caregivers. The app’s UI/UX design makes it very easy to use. Now we’re working on new features and further improvements.

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