Political profile builder and visualization app
Swift 3, Viper, SnapKit, Alamofire
VoteSphere is an iOS app that allows you to clarify, organize and visualize your own political views.
Jeff Szorik
Founder of VoteSphere
It was in the middle of the dramatic US election campaign of 2016 that the client came to Devvela with the idea of an app that would help citizens better understand their political self and show it to their political representatives and fellow citizens in a smart manner.

So what is special about this project? Well, above all, this was the first time in our practice we’ve encountered politics. However, the client’s proficiency in this area guided us all the way down while we were doing our part. The idea of visualizing political views in a quite uncommon way represented another challenge. It took us several talks with the client to make sure we were moving the right direction.

VoteSphere is not a simple ‘yes/no’ political engine - it’s your ultimate political compass, or your “GPS for a complex political world”, as Jeffrey Szorik, its founder explains. You choose a category that catches your interest, then select a subcategory and specify your attitude on this or that problem. You specify to what extent you agree or disagree with an idea, how proficient you are in this certain area, how much you care about it and how important it is for your personal sphere. Once you’re through with all the categories of your interests your sphere is created.

We began with wireframes and a customer journey map. The client wanted a set of features in one app, so we had to provide an extremely comprehensive and user-friendly app interface.
Your political views are visualized as an interactive 3D sphere. Smaller colorful spheres inside of it represent various political topics
Below, you can see the legend. Each color denotes a certain topic
In order to allow the nice round 3D sphere representing user’s political self SceneKit was applied
Specify your attitude on political problems to create your sphere:
upper wheel
Roll the upper wheel to select a category and its subcategory
Specify your proficiency level in a certain political area and how important it is to you
lower wheel
The lower wheel allows you to specify your attitude on a problem. This will reflect on your sphere
Set category priorities to position categories on the Z axis of your sphere
Position subcategories on X and Y axes by setting their priorities
Once you’ve created your sphere you can share it with other users. All shared spheres are listed in one place allowing you to find people with similar political views:
We used Swift 3.0 to write the code here and architected the app with VIPER. Other libraries such as Alamofire, SnapKit and SwiftyJSON were utilized to further improve the app’s overall functionality.
Available on the
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Project team:
Anastasia Kim, product owner
Nikita Gutsalenko, designer
Sergey Gruzdev, developer
Yurii Zyranov, developer
Daniil Pervushin, QA engineer
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