January 23, 2017Devvela insights
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Shy Yet Curious? You Might Love TownSquare App Released Recently by Devvela

TownSquare - iOS App Development - Android App Development

First days of 2017 are marked for Devvela by the Google Play Store release of the very first version of TownSquare, an Android app that makes communication with people nearby easier for those of us who are too shy.

Radar Screen - Townsquare iOS and Android App - Connect With People Nearby

Radar screen

TownSquare founders came to Devvela with the idea of ‘an ice-breaker app’ as they called it themselves. The main feature they wanted built is detecting people nearby who have the app installed and running, and communicating with them. You start TownSquare, see if the person you’re curious about is using it, learn what they share about themselves and start chatting with them.

Users Nearby Screen - TownSquare iOS Android App - Connect With People Nearby

Users Nearby screen

Every smartphone is a location awareness device. This feature allows for determining and sharing your location with other users through wireless networks (WLAN), GPS, Galileo, and other infrastructure - if you let it, of course. TownSquare utilizes location awareness to simplify the process of getting to know people in your vicinity. Open and communicative TownSquare users are free to show everyone what they think is important about them. Others who are curious yet careful can stay anonymous and provide only a little piece of personal information.

User Profile Screen - TownSquare iOS Android App - Connect With Users Nearby

User Profile screen

TownSquare app is a great example of how mobile development can help people socialize and make new contacts despite uncertainty and in an environment that might not be very friendly. Devvela has been working on the app’s functionality and UX/UI design from the very beginning, turning the idea into product. Next development stage introducing new amazing features has already been planned.

Chat Screen - TownSquare iOS Android App - Chat With Users Nearby

Chat screen

Later in 2017, the iOS app was released and is now available on the App Store.

TownSquare app on Google Play

TownSquare app on App Store

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