January 13, 2017Devvela insights
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Devvela Improves Elders Care Experience with Canary Notes App

Canary Care App Improves Elders Care Experience - Built by Devvela

Devvela closed 2016 with the App Store release of a new iOS app improving the eldercare experience. Canary Notes app is a cloud-based platform that allows senior living facilities and caregivers report on the services they deliver and make the digital records accessible to elders’ loved ones with no hesitation via secure, HIPAA compliant communication tools.

Canary Notes iOS App by Devvela - Log In Screen

Your political views are visualized as an interactive 3D sphere

The app founders came to us with a clear vision of the iOS app they wanted built. The idea is driven by their own experience in grappling with the care of their grandparents, and the lack of visibility into their daily care that left them frustrated and wishing they had better, timely information about the daily care their grandparents were receiving. Canary Notes app is aiming to solve this problem and provide peace of mind to the family by keeping them confident in their elders’ care quality.

Canary Notes iOS App by Devvela - Client List Screen

Client list screen

On the other hand, the app is supposed to help caregivers greatly reduce the time spent answering families’ questions about their elder’s care. Increased family and resident satisfaction with their experience makes them more likely to recommend the residential care facility that uses the app to others.

Canary Notes iOS App by Devvela - Choose the Client Screen

Choose the client screen

Built by Devvela from the ground up, Canary Notes demonstrates how awesomely simple mobile solutions can change the game for senior living facilities and caregivers. While working on the UI/UX design we’ve been keeping in mind that using the app has to be very easy. However, the idea isn’t limited to current functionality. New features are to be implemented by Devvela soon.

Canary Notes iOS App by Devvela - Check List Screen

Check list screen

Canary Notes iOS App by Devvela - Report Submission Screen

Report submission screen

Canary Notes App on App Store

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